Brave Blue World: Matt Damon kickstarts hopeful documentary


The Brave Blue World documentary is on a mission to provoke a fundamental rethink, revolution and paradigm shift in how people view the treatment and delivery of water. 

Topics such as water reuse, sanitation and the circular economy will all be covered in stunning 4K as the team travel to unearth the people and processes behind delivering this vital element.

From the International Space Station, to developing and developed countries, Brave Blue World will take audiences on a thought-provoking ride to show how our relationship with water is being re-imagined.

Many of the world’s water visionaries and technology thought leaders across four continents will be featured, including Dr. Michael Flynn, Scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre.

To kickstart the documentary, & WaterEquity co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White will share visions on why innovative solutions will solve global sanitation and water challenges in our lifetimes.

Actor and water expert in his own right, Matt Damon said: “We envisage a day when everyone has access to clean water and sanitation and we envisage that in our lifetime. We’re on our way. The great news is that there are real solutions and this problem is solvable.”

Gary White added: “The glass is half full, it’s not half empty. We have seen more than two billion people lift themselves out of extreme poverty in the last two decades, which is a huge accomplishment. 

Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of BlueTech Research, which is leading the Brave Blue Documentary, said: “It’s often an apocalyptic picture painted about the millions of people lacking access to safe sanitation and water. The situation is improving and within our lifetimes we can cure these global problems. Brave Blue World is proud to feature a plethora of global experts to tell their stories. Collectively we can help raise awareness of these issues and help to fast-track the potential solutions.” 

Leading up to the documentary being released, Brave Blue World will also include an impact campaign across dedicated social media channels to encourage people to question and positively interact with their water suppliers.

Supporting partners assisting the development of the film include the Water Environment Federation (WEF), Dow Water Solutions, L’Oréal and SUEZ.

Gary White and Matt Damon of Water.Org with Paul O’Callaghan, CEO BlueTech Research filming in Davos Switzerland

Gary White and Matt Damon of Water.Org with Paul O’Callaghan, CEO BlueTech Research filming in Davos Switzerland

About Brave Blue World Documentary

Brave Blue World’ is the first honest and hopeful documentary that will paint an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technologies and innovations to re-think how we manage water. This documentary will challenge some of your commonly held assumptions and change how you think about water. We will take viewers on a journey that explores an alternative water future, look at how we got to where we are today and then challenge some of the most commonly held assumptions about water.



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